Rome: Total War

Rome: Total War 1.6

Rome Total War is an strategy game developed by The Creative Assembly

Rome Total War is an strategy game developed by The Creative Assembly.
You are in Rome in the year 270 BC and you will have to make that your faction dominates the empire. You will have to choose between three factions: the Brutti, the Julii and the Scipii. These families had a very big influence in the ancient Rome. Each of those families have different goals.

You will have to conquer cities and provinces, move your army to fight against your enemies. For that purpose, you will have a very helpful campaign map, where you will be able to see the cities of the region and natural features that will help you in battle to make strategic decisions.

In addition, as the custom of that time you can use your family to join another city to your domain through alliances by marriage. The members of your family can help you being a governor or another charge but you will have to be very intelligent and see if your relatives have the ability that the charge needs, otherwise your family will lose an important position.

Graphics and sound
The graphics are excellent, they have a lot of historical details. The environment is amazing. The sound effects are really incredible, for example, you will hear the steps, the soundtrack is very good.

To sum up, this is an incredible game, you will have a lot of fun.

María Noel Balla
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